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Registering your bike rental is very easy and done in no time. Just enter your bike rental and the first bookings are going to start rolling in.

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Click on “Register Bike Rental”, enter details about your bikes, upload cool pictures and we are ready to go together. And as for together, that means that we are here to help. So, if you need our support with the pictures or if you have other questions, just let us know, we are here for you!

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Your bike rental is your pride and joy? We completely understand that and pay our respect by giving you the registration with bookyabike for free. We only charge a low commission fee for additional sales generated through our platform. All other marketing activities we do for you are completely free!

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Our bookyabike cycling blog invites you to stay and come back, our blog articles are red-hot and make our website a mental living room for cycling. Feature: The topics can be co-determined by the community, our common customers are at the center and are well taken care of!


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Benjamin Franklin recognized that time is a decisive factor for success. He was right! That’s why bookyabike takes care of processing customer requests made through our website. We then send you only the bundled info you need to provide the bikes. This saves you time-consuming phone calls, lengthy email correspondences and cumbersome inquiries via social media.

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The market lives on competition! Use the advantages that the cooperation with bookyabike offers you, and create a new digital marketing channel for your professional offer for free.