Training & Nutrition

Training & Nutrition
03 December 2021
10 things pro cyclists do to ride fast ⚡

Long gone are the days of stopping mid-race for a baguette and a beer or using leather chamois pads. Professional…

Training & Nutrition
26 November 2021
How to become a better cyclist ► the perfect plan 💪

Success can be defined in an infinite number of ways. In terms of cycling, for some, just buying a road…

Training & Nutrition
18 August 2021
How to become a strong cyclist – 8 pro tips 💪

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking at stepping up your game on the bike, whether that means racing or…

Training & Nutrition
14 June 2021
7 tips for a successful road cycling training camp in Mallorca

There is nothing quite like a road cycling training camp in Mallorca. The riding, the climbs, the weather and the…

Training & Nutrition
22 April 2021
7 hallmarks of an experienced cyclist

There are a few things that make experienced cyclists stand out from the crowd. When it comes to our sport…

Training & Nutrition
16 April 2021
Four things that reveal what type of cyclist you are

Cyclists can be perceived as a rather odd bunch. We willingly ride for hours in unfathomable weather conditions just so…

Gran Fondo & Bike Events
16 February 2021
Ötztal Cycling Marathon ► This is how you have to train for your big dream!

The right training is elementary for a successful participation in the legendary Ötztal Cycling Marathon. We explain to you how…