Cap Formentor from a bird's eye view - climbs for cyclists in Mallorca

Top 10 climbs in Mallorca for cyclists 🇪🇸 💪

Here we go – ten climbs in Mallorca every cyclist need to ride. One of the things that makes Mallorca such a cyclist’s paradise is that it packs in a tremendous amount of climbing in a relatively small area. This means that on your training camps or group trips you can have a remarkable cycling tour in the mountains.

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Sa Calobra – stunning “tie knot”

Naturally, there’s only one place a list of the top climbs in Mallorca can start and that’s Sa Calobra. The most famous climb on the island, the many hairpin bends and consistent gradient, plus the fact it’s difficult to get to, means that the road is one of the best cycling routes in Europe.

The famous 270-degree turn near the top is the mountain’s best known feature and is quite unlike anywhere else in Europe. Sa Calobra is truly Mallorca at its best with sea views, sheer cliffs and rock cut-outs to admire as you weave your way up the climb.

Length 10km
Average gradient 6.8%
Maximum gradient 11.8%
Elevation gain 647m

Two cyclists riding in Mallorca in Sa Calobra

Puig Major – highest mountain in Mallorca

With an elevation gain of 1,122 metres, Puig Major is the longest and highest mountain in Mallorca. Its name translates to ‘big peak’ and it’ll come as no surprise that it’s a literal translation. Deep in the heart of the Tramuntana, there are a few ways up to its moonscape peak with the most popular being the route that starts outside Sóller and winds up the mountain via Fornalutx and the Monnaber Tunnel. After these points you are higher than any other road on the island and are greeted by the amazing site of Puig Major’s aqua blue mountain lakes

Length 14.2km
Average gradient 6.2%
Maximum gradient 8.8%
Elevation gain 1,122m

Mountain lake at Puig Major in Mallorca  with road cyclist on a rental bike

Coll de Sóller – 29 hairpin turns

The Coll de Sóller is only 30 kilometres down the road from Puig Major but is the complete opposite when it comes to scenery such is the diversity of Mallorca’s environment. Approaching from the north and the town of Sóller, you will soon arrive at the 7.4-kilometre climb and its snaking 29 hairpin turns. There’s barely any rest between each corner so it is very much Mallorca’s answer to Alpe d’Huez. With 20 corners on the way down the other side, it is a perfect testing ground for both your climbing and descending skills.

Length 7.4km
Average gradient 5.6%
Maximum gradient 10.3%
Elevation gain 420m

Switchbacks of Coll de Soller, which is one of the nicests climbs in Mallorca

Coll de Femenia – warmup climb

Like Puig Major and Sa Calobra, the Coll de Femenia is found on the Ma-10 road and all three can be tackled in one day if you’re feeling good. If you are staying in the popular destinations of Lluc, Pollença or Port de Pollença, you will get used to the sight of the Coll de Femenia as you will likely find yourself climbing or descending it on a daily basis. The steady gradient loosens the legs and acts as a warmup for the rest of the tests on your bike holiday in Mallorca.

Length 7.5km
Average gradient 5.6%
Maximum gradient 10.2%
Elevation gain 423m

Elevation profile of Coll de Femenia - one of the best climbs in Mallorca

Cap de Formentor – the famous climb

At the very North East tip of Mallorca is the Formentor Lighthouse. There are actually a series of climbs and descents along the peninsula with the most serious climbing on the final switch-backed 500 metre stretch. The undulating road is a stone’s throw from Port de Pollença and is best ridden at the end of a long day in the saddle so that you can catch a beautiful Mediterranean sunset.

Length 17.7km
Average gradient 1.2%
Maximum gradient 12.3%
Elevation gain 590m

Sobremunt – hardest climb in Mallorca

As mentioned in our previous 5 secrets about cycling in Mallorca blog, the Sobremunt is a devilishly steep road in the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana. Its constant eye-watering gradients, ramped hairpin bends and dodgy surfaces arguably make the Sobremont the island’s toughest test.

Sure, there are many longer and higher roads to climb in Mallorca, but this one is genuinely quite difficult to get up without having to put your foot down. Low gears necessary!

Length 9,1km
Average gradient 8.8%
Maximum gradient 25%
Elevation gain 630m

Coll de sa Batalla – so enjoyable to cycle

A lot like the Coll de Femenia, the Batalla will have to be climbed daily if you’re staying in the centre of the Serra de Tramuntana. This doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to cycle as it features all the reasons why so many people make the pilgrimage to Mallorca. A steady gradient, smooth surfaces, hairpin bends and a snack stop at the top, what’s not to love?

Length: 8.3km
Average gradient: 4.8%
Maximum gradient: 8.5%
Elevation gain: 374m

San Salvador - best climbs in Mallorca for cyclists

San Salvador – climb in the south east of Mallorca

Unlike the rest of the climbs on this list, San Salvador is nowhere near the Tramuntana range and is actually in the south east of the island. A challenging four-kilometre weaving road leads a cyclist to the remarkable San Salvador sanctuary and monastery which has some of the best panoramic views the island has to offer.

Length 3.8km
Average gradient 7.2%
Maximum gradient 9.9%
Elevation gain 273m

Elevation profile of San Salvador - one of the best climbs in Mallorca

Puig de Randa – a peaceful climb

Another hill that can be found outside of Mallorca’s most popular cycle areas is the Puig de Randa. Just like San Salvador a monastery is its peak and that, coupled with its position away from popular hubs, makes it a very peaceful climb. However, with stretches of 18.4%, that peace will likely be shattered by the crunching of gears and panting of breath.

Length 5.7km
Average gradient 5.2%
Maximum gradient 18.4%
Elevation gain 337m

Puig de Randa - best climbs in Mallorca for cyclists

Coll d’Honor – good for an early training camp

We’re back into the Serra de Tramuntana for the last climb on our list, the Coll d’Honor. This climb is off the main road and is best attacked via the Ma-2100. The tree lined road makes for another scenery switch up as you cycle up through the mountain cutaway. At six kilometres it’s a good early training camp test before you take on the big names.

Length 6.1km
Average gradient 5.5%
Maximum gradient 9.0%
Elevation gain 337m

Elevation profile of Coll d'Honor - one of the most famous climbs in Mallorca

Conclusion ► this is why you need to know the climbs in Mallorca!

Now you know our 10 favourite climbs in Mallorca, but what we haven’t told you yet is that there are endless other mountain roads to discover. Mallorca is an almost endless playground for every passionate cyclist. You can discover new highlights every single day of your cycling holidays.

What about a spontaneous training camp? Book a rental bike and come to Mallorca with your cycling buddies!

Best climbs in Mallorca for cyclists

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