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15 March 2022
Online Shop for Bikes ► Buy from a Bike Hire!

Welcome to our online bike shop for used rental bikes! Here you can buy well-maintained used bikes directly from bike…

Info for bike hire shops
18 February 2022
bookyabike ► THE bike rental software for your business 🖥️🚲

*If you send us an email, your data will not be stored and will only be used for the purpose…

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15 February 2022
Bike hotels in Mallorca ► Best hotels in 2022 🔥

Bike hotels are booming in Mallorca, which is no wonder, the sunny island is the most popular cycling destination. This…

17 December 2021
ALL NEW 🥳 ► Top Cycling Trends 2022

The cycling hype is as strong as the last years, and bicycles will also continue to be in trend in…

Cycling Tours & GPX-Files
15 December 2021
11 cycling tours in Mallorca you really need to know!

Looking for the best cycling tours in Mallorca? This is the right article for you! We have selected 11 of…

Training & Nutrition
03 December 2021
10 things pro cyclists do to ride fast ⚡

Long gone are the days of stopping mid-race for a baguette and a beer or using leather chamois pads. Professional…

Holidays & Training Camps
02 December 2021
5 benefits of starting the new year with a road bike training camp ☀️🌴🚲

Every winter I saw the pictures of the cyclists in Mallorca on social media lapping up the sun while I…

Training & Nutrition
26 November 2021
How to become a better cyclist ► the perfect plan 💪

Success can be defined in an infinite number of ways. In terms of cycling, for some, just buying a road…

Holidays & Training Camps
30 September 2021
Road bike hire in Mallorca ► how to find the best rental bike 💯

Here you will learn how to rent the best road bike in Mallorca. An article for all passionate road cyclists…

20 September 2021
The best bike size guide 📐 ► What bike size do I need?

The right bike size is crucial when it comes to renting or buying a bike. In this article, we explain…

Training & Nutrition
18 August 2021
How to become a strong cyclist – 8 pro tips 💪

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking at stepping up your game on the bike, whether that means racing or…

25 June 2021
Epic training camp in Mallorca: 5 tips & the best equipment

An epic cycling training camp is something that is planned meticulously over a number of months. You and your teammates…

Training & Nutrition
14 June 2021
7 tips for a successful road cycling training camp in Mallorca

There is nothing quite like a road cycling training camp in Mallorca. The riding, the climbs, the weather and the…

Holidays & Training Camps
11 June 2021
Top 10 climbs in Mallorca for cyclists 🇪🇸 💪

Here we go – ten climbs in Mallorca every cyclist need to ride. One of the things that makes Mallorca…

Holidays & Training Camps
01 June 2021
The best places for bike holidays in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of, if not the, most popular bike riding destination in Europe and for good reason. Combine an…

Holidays & Training Camps
26 May 2021
5 secrets about bike holidays in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most popular cycling destinations in the world. So you would think that every metre of…

Holidays & Training Camps
21 May 2021
Top 8 reasons to choose cycle hire for your bike holidays

We tell you the 8 top reasons to choose cycle hire for your holidays, that you definitely don’t know yet….

Training & Nutrition
22 April 2021
7 hallmarks of an experienced cyclist

There are a few things that make experienced cyclists stand out from the crowd. When it comes to our sport…

Training & Nutrition
16 April 2021
Four things that reveal what type of cyclist you are

Cyclists can be perceived as a rather odd bunch. We willingly ride for hours in unfathomable weather conditions just so…

Gran Fondo & Bike Events
18 March 2021
Gran Fondo Mallorca 312 ► 7 essential tips to make the race epic 🔝

You like to learn more about the Mallorca 312 Gran Fondo? We’ll give you detailed information about the three different…

Holidays & Training Camps
22 February 2021
Four of the best winter cycling destinations in Spain 🌴🇪🇸

With cheap flights from other parts of Europe and a low cost of living once you arrive, it’s no wonder…

Gran Fondo & Bike Events
16 February 2021
Ötztal Cycling Marathon ► This is how you have to train for your big dream!

The right training is elementary for a successful participation in the legendary Ötztal Cycling Marathon. We explain to you how…