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5 benefits of starting the new year with a road bike training camp ☀️🌴🚲

Every winter I saw the pictures of the cyclists in Mallorca on social media lapping up the sun while I was pedal away on my turbo trainer hiding from the snow and wind. After a few years of listening to friends telling me about their training camps, I thought I’d join in, so here’s what happened after I started my road cycling year with a training camp in Mallorca.

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Road bike training camp in Mallorca

Faster fitness build-up on epic roads

The main reason I chose to go on a training camp is probably the same reason many of us go. I wanted to build my fitness ahead of the upcoming road cycling season. A cycling training camp is one of the most time-efficient ways to get yourself ready for an event. Long hour rides in winter are the best way to get fit. Targeted and scheduled training before the race season makes sure that you’re ready to up the intensity once the spring comes and the gran fondo calendar fills up. A training camp allows you cycle almost every single day (don’t forget about rest days 😉) that really helps you to get used to epic days in the saddle, as well as building resilience and giving your fitness a big boost.

Cycling along the sea with a road bike

Quality time with cycling buddies

Another great thing that comes from a cycling training camp is getting to spend time with your friends or teammates outside of the local rides. After a tumultuous time of lockdowns and restricted riding, it’s great to be able to go road cycling in Mallorca and with company. If you go on a training camp with your teammates, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice drills or race tactics ahead of the season. If you go with friends, you can catch up and use the time in Mallorca as more of a cycling holiday.

Rent a road bike and come to Mallorca

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Allows to focus on road cycling only

A winter training camp is a good time to reassess your goals for the upcoming road cycling season. Moreover you can decompress from the stresses and rigours of everyday life. After a winter spent mostly indoors and on the turbo trainer, going to Mallorca for a cycling training camp allows you to hone in on what goals you want to focus on for the upcoming road cycling season as well as providing you with space and valuable fresh air needed to unwind before hitting it hard during the season. Heading to a cycling training camp eliminates the usual day to day issues that arise and allows you to completely focus on cycling for however many days you need.

Road bike training camp in Mallorca

Boosts your confidence for the upcoming cycling races

One of the biggest changes I noticed to my overall state after my road bike training camp in Mallorca was the confidence boost I received after a week on the bike. By spending hours and hours challenging myself and improving my fitness gains substantially, I felt more confident in my abilities and fitness level going into the road cycling season.

Everyone has some nerves when it comes to the first race back after the off-season but taking part in a cycling training camp helps to improve your confidence because of the numbers you’ve hit and fitness you’ve accrued through your winter training. By feeling assured in your strength before you turn up on race day, you’re eliminating some of the inevitable pre-race nerves and self-doubt many of us experience when pinning on a number.

When to go on a road bike training camp?

The ideal time to go on a cycling training camp is no later than four to five weeks before your race or main road cycling event of the season. This allows you ample time to taper for the event while maintaining the boost of fitness you accrued from the camp. A lot of professionals head abroad for their winter training camps as early as November or December, but their seasons often start earlier than the amateur season, and they can maintain their form for longer.

Conclusion ► Road bike training camp 🤩

Overall, a cycling training camp can have a big boost on your fitness and prime you for the upcoming road cycling season. Whether you’re focusing on road racing or time trials, a training camp can benefit every rider. Although most popular in the winter and used as an escape from the damp weather, a training camp can be used throughout the year to maximise your fitness gains ahead of your target races. I found that being able to get abroad and focus completely on my road cycling rather than balancing it with other things really helped me maximise my training time and build my confidence for the upcoming season.

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