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Welcome to our online bike shop for used rental bikes! Here you can buy well-maintained used bikes directly from bike rental shops. Are you looking for a bike made of carbon or aluminium, with disc brakes or rim brakes, an e-bike, a used gravel bike, a bike for women or a children’s bike? Here you can get the second-hand bike of your dreams! Read on and buy a used bike online 👇 …

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Used TT Bike from an online shop

Where can I buy a cheap bike online?

There are several good reasons to buy a bike online from a bicycle hire. Firstly, they are cheap, and secondly, they is a better availability than with new bikes. Choose one of our bikes and get used bikes directly from a first-class rental station. Unlike bicycles from private sellers, the bike hire staff constantly maintain and clean the bikes. Therefore you get cheap bikes in good condition.

We only offer used bikes from Mallorca, which means that customers were riding them only in good weather. So that is why the bikes are in much better shape than bicycles from rainy UK. Bike parts such as bearings, cranks, chains, cassettes and also batteries of e-bikes last longer if they have not been exposed to salt, large temperature fluctuations, rain or snow.

In addition, rental bikes are only rented for one or two seasons afterwards they get replaced with the latest models. As a result, the rental station owners sell the last year top bikes after each season – this is your chance to get a cheap pro bike online.

Used bikes from bike hire for online sale

Which used bikes can I buy from a bike hire?

At bike rental shops you can buy used bikes from the previous season. Which means that you can buy different types of bikes in all sizes. You can buy cheap used mountain bikes, used road bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes, electric race bikes, e-MTB, city bikes, trekking bikes, time trial bikes and children’s bikes at our bike hire shops. So there are all types of used bikes to buy in the online shop.

Furthermore, the specification of the bikes varies. Needless to say, high-end carbon frames, bikes with disc brakes, electronic shifting, carbon wheels and Dura Ace group sets are available. If you prefer something simpler, you can also opt for an everyday aluminium bike with rim brakes, aluminium wheels and a standard gear set.

Online bike shop for used bikes!!

ONline order and Bike delivery

Disadvantages of buying a bicycle from a private seller 👎

Buying used bicycles from private vendors is associated with major disadvantages and risks. These risks can arise when buying a bike from a friend or when buying online in private second-hand bike forums, on ebay or any social media marketplaces. We have summarised the possible negative consequences of buying a bike from a private seller.

  • No warranty
  • No right to exchange and no guarantee
  • Risk of hidden, invisible defects
  • Defects and accident damages could be concealed
  • Lack of maintenance and overdue repairs
  • Private sellers overestimate the value of used bikes
  • Bicycles are to expensive
  • Function of gears or brakes often defective
  • Weak batteries and engines (e-bikes)
  • Poor packaging when shipping
  • Danger of transport damages
  • Credibility of the seller not guaranteed
  • The offered bike could be stolen
  • No professional information about bicycles
  • Only older bicycles – no previous year bike models
  • Bike chains are usually changed too seldom
  • Damage to crank and cassette
  • Bikes are cleaned too seldom
  • Bikes are ridden in the rain and winter
  • Bike parts have to be replaced/repaired (additional costs)

17 benefits of buying a bike online from a bike rental shop 🔥

Find out why buying a bike online is legit and the best option for finding the best offers.

We are bike hire fans because rental bikes always perform like they were new. There’s no such thing as a maintenance backlog, because the perfect care is the basis of a successful bike rental business. Nowhere else a bike is checked, cleaned and serviced as often as at a bike hire shop.

When you choose a rental bike, you get a maintained bike that, apart from the usual signs of use, is as good as a new bicycle. Of course, the bike is delivered and packed professionally, so you can fully rely on the bike rental company’s transport know-how.

Specialized S-Works bike used buy online

Top arguments for buying online at a bicycle rental 🤩

  • Perfectly maintained bikes
  • 100% legit and professional sale
  • Secure packaging and delivery
  • Warranty when buying online
  • Provenance of the bikes secured
  • Fair prices
  • Many special bike offers
  • Large selection of bicycles
  • Serviced when buying online
  • Secure payment & data protection
  • Good availability
  • Fast delivery
  • All bike sizes available
  • Wide range of brands
  • Professional information
  • Online customer service
  • Nice weather bikes” from Mallorca

Tip ► Rain in UK? What about cycling holidays on Mallorca 😎? Book a rental bike and take a test ride before buying it. Come to Mallorca and find the bike of your dreams 🥳.

Cycling holidays in Mallorca with a used bike

Is it ok to buy a bike online?

Of course it is legit to buy a bike online! But keep in mind that trust in the seller is paramount, when buying used bicycles online. If you choose a bike from a private seller you completely dependent on the correctness of the given information – there is no warranty. Now the good news!

In contrast to private vendors buying from a bicycle rental shop gives you the certainty that you will get what was described in the online shop. Even if you are unexpectedly dissatisfied, you will be able to arrange an exchange. When you buy online from a bicycle rental company, you have a high level of security – so be sure to order here 💪.

Buy a used gravel bike from an online shop

That is why you should buy your bike here 👇

You should buy your new dream bike here because used bikes from bike rental shops are well-maintained, cheap, almost new, available in all sizes from different brands and will get delivered quickly. An additional service won’t be necessary as well. The offered bikes are usually from the previous season, which means that they are state of the art. Do you have any further questions?

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