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Epic training camp in Mallorca: 5 tips & the best equipment

An epic cycling training camp is something that is planned meticulously over a number of months. You and your teammates or friends will spend hours poring over the internet looking for the best places in Mallorca. Fantastic roads and warm conditions for some decent training on your bicycle are waiting. So it makes sense to make it an epic experience for everyone involved. Before you go, check out our list of the best equipment you could take or rent in Mallorca. Make it an epic cycling training camp and read our tips & tricks carefully.

  1. Find the perfect bike for your training camp
  2. Get yourself a cool new kit
  3. Bring the right tools to Mallorca
  4. Choose a hotel, finca or villa with a pool
  5. Remember to enjoy riding your bike

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Perfect rental bike for a camp in Mallorca

Find the perfect bike for your training camp

Okay, this one is a little obvious, sure. But how’s that trusty bicycle of yours looking? Tyres a bit worn? Gears slipping a little after that time you dropped it on the drive side while waiting for coffee? You’re about to spend many hours of the week on the bike. So make sure your bicycle is in the best condition it can be before you even set off for your bike training camp.

Tyres, chain wear, brake pads, etc. need to be in top condition. If you lack the knowledge or equipment, take it to a trusted mechanic who can service it. Make sure it’s running super smoothly so you’ll not have any problems. Take it from us, there’s not much that’s more annoying than the creaking bottom bracket of someone else’s bicycle.

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Choose a better option – take a rental bike

There is of course another option entirely. If you’ve been eyeing up a new model or want something with a wider gear ratio to tackle the mountains, why not consider hiring a bicycle instead? Now is the time to try out that WorldTour-approved, aerodynamic, carbon-wheeled beauty you’ve had your eye on – think of it as the greatest ‘try before you buy’ known to man.

Although you might not be as familiar with the bike as you are your own, you can be sure that a hire bicycle will be in top condition. Mechanics at the bike rental station will be able to help you if you have any questions. Book your hire bike from home so that you can easily compare prices, bikes and bike rentals. Make sure to check back to bookyabike – we launch our booking platform soon!

Rental bikeYour bike 😉
Maintained Maintenance backlog
Clean bicyclesLast shower a year ago
Nice gear ratioGear shift from the 90s
Modern carbon bicyclesAluminium bike
Waiting for you in MallorcaTransport costs and stress
Nice rental bike for a training camp in Mallorca and a cyclist besides

Get yourself a cool new kit

Similar to your bicycle, you need to make sure you have the right kit in the right condition for your cycling training camp in Mallorca. A crappy pair of worn-out bib shorts can cause more issues than just creating an eyesore for anyone riding behind you. If you’re planning on significantly increasing your mileage while you’re away, you need kit that will keep you comfortable and minimise the risk of saddle sores or other issues.

Now is a good time to splash out on replacing your most sorry looking kit. If you’ve started noticing any pain after a ride in your shorts, it’s time to replace them. The same goes for shoes – make sure your shoes fit well and the cleats are aligned so as not to cause any knee or hip issues.

Think of knee warmers and a jacket

If you want your cycling training camp in Mallorca to be epic, planning and making sure you’re prepared before you go is the best way to achieve this. Rent a nice bicycle, or buy a pair of shorts and a new jersey by all means.

But make sure you pack enough warm and dry kit in case the weather turns (which isn’t unheard of, even in Mallorca). You don’t want to be the one shivering and catching an illness because you didn’t bring knee warmers and a jacket. Make it an epic trip by bringing the right kit.

Climate, temperature and bike clothing in Mallorca

Season and TemperatureBike Equipment
Spring 17°-23°

Autumn 17°-23°
► Jacket
► Knee warmers
► Arm warmers
► Cycling gilet
► Headband
Summer >23°► Bib-short
► Jersey
► Thin gilet
Winter <17°► Jacket
► Leg warmers or bib-tights
► Arm warmers or long sleeve
► Gloves
► Overshoes
► Headband or cap
► Warm baselayer

Bring the right tools to Mallorca

Unless you’re using a camp organiser that uses a support vehicle, you’ll be expected to be self-sufficient out on the road. Make sure you always have the equipment you’ll need to repair a puncture or other minor bicycle mechanicals at the roadside.

Of course, if you manage to swing your bike into a tree and the handlebars split, there’s not much you can do. You’ll struggle to make your training camp in Mallorca epic if you get side-lined on day one due to a mechanical!

Plan for the obvious bicycle mechanicals

  • Punctures
  • Chain breakages
  • Loose screws
  • Fine adjustments (saddle, handlebar..)
  • Oil for rustling and squeaking bike parts
  • …or trust a rental station and get help in tricky situations 💪
Bring a multi tool and a pump with you to your training camp in Mallorca

Choose a hotel, finca or villa with a pool

Although riding is the focal point of your cycling training camp in Mallorca, rest and recuperation should also be a priority. If you’re looking to stay in a finca, a hotel or a villa, pick one with a pool. We hear swimming is perfect for loosening your muscles after a day on the bicycle. Additionally, a pool is a great place to chill out on a rest day.

Good to haveNot recommended
PoolParty hotel
Wellness areaFast food buffet
Healthy foodUncomfortable rooms
Comfortable bed Place with heavy traffic
Safe place for the bikeNo bicycle storage

Remember to enjoy riding your bike

Mallorca is beautiful, so remember to enjoy yourself and create epic memories with your teammates or friends. It’s a holiday as well as a cycling training camp, you’re meant to return home invigorated and motivated for further cycling adventures. You like to know the best places for cycling holidays in Mallorca? Read our article and find out which spot is your favourite one in Mallorca!