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5 Epic Gravel Bike Tours in Mallorca ⛰️🚴

You love gravel and tours away from the beaten track? Then this blog post is the right one for you. We have selected the best gravel bike tours on Mallorca including GPX files and tour descriptions for you! You can also read about what makes Mallorca a gravel bike paradise and where you can rent the best gravel and cyclocross bikes. Read on and make your gravel adventure come true!

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Gravel Bike Tours in Mallorca - Gravel Bike Tours Mallorca

Gravel biking in Mallorca ► THE paradise for off-road fans

Mallorca is enclosed by two rugged mountain ranges. The Serra de Llevant is located in the east, the Serra de Tramuntana with the legendary Puig Major (1,436 m a.s.l.) is in the northwestern area of the island. Away from these mountains, Mallorca is flat or hilly, the area in the center of the island is called Es Plà. Es Plà has a traditional character, many quiet, old villages connected by small roads are in this area.

On the hills of the region are numerous monasteries, from which you have a dreamlike view of the island. This picturesque landscape has nothing in common with the party miles on Mallorca, and you hardly notice any tourism. The countryside is thinly populated, which makes the traffic situation extremely pleasant for cyclists.

The numerous small asphalt and gravel paths are perfect for gravel biking. From the coasts to the mountains, you can explore the island by gravel or cyclocross bike on these agricultural tracks. The paths often cross private land, but the owners give permission to pass through and use them. Be respectful and kind so that we can continue to use these great trails 😉.

Gravel bike hire in Mallorca ► best gravel bikes 👍

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Mallorca gravel bike tour

The best gravel bike tours in Mallorca

Now we arrive at the centrepiece of this blog post – the gravel bike tours. You are welcome to download our cycling tours for free and to upload the GPX files to your cycling computer. Just follow the routes and discover Mallorca by gravel bike. But we recommend that you take a close look at the cycling tours you want to ride so that you can choose a tour that fits your ability. Ride carefully and be aware that good bike skills are essential on steep terrain.

Are you a beginner in gravel riding? Then we suggest you to start with a relatively flat and short cycling tour. With good practice and training, you will be able to master more difficult gravel tours soon. To avoid getting lost, a bike computer with GPS should be mounted on your Gravel Bike. By the way, you can also rent mounts for bike computers at the bike rental shops.

Gravel Biking in Mallorca - the best tours for gravel bikes

Gravel bike tour Felanitx – Puig de sa Comuna Grossa – Portocolom – Felanitx

Distance: 54 km
Altitude: ~ 550 m

A moderately difficult gravel bike tour in the southeast of Mallorca awaits you if you choose this route. The start is in the town of Felanitx, from where you have to ride southwards before taking the path towards Puig de sa Comuna Grossa to the east. The next larger town you will pass is Portocolom on the east coast. The way back to Felanitx leads along unpaved agricultural trails and small roads.

Cycling tour for gravel bikes Cala d’Or – s’Horta – Castell de Santueri – Cala – d’Or

Distance: 25 km
Altitude: ~ 500 m

A short gravel bike tour with around 500 metres of altitude – doesn’t that sound like a pleasant route? The starting point is the beautiful village of Cala d’Or, from where the route leads towards the small town of s’Horta. Up to there, the road is partially paved, but then the route leads on gravel paths over the 340-metre-high Castell de Santueri. Most of the descent can be done on an asphalt road, ideal for all those who are not used to riding downhill. The way back to Cala d’Or leads via Calogne.

Gravel bike route Toros de Gravel – Mallorca

Distance: 134 km
Altitude: ~ 1,300 m

This route is the original route of “Toros de Gravel”, a gravel bike race last held in October 2018. The start is in Sineu, from there you ride to Llucmajor, the route is partly paved but the majority is on gravel. The route continues via Campos to the coast near Portocolom, on the way there you have to climb the Puig de sa Comuna Grossa and thus the highest mountain of the loop. Arriving at Portocolom by the sea, the last 55 kilometres back to Sineu are heralded. The way back leads over unpaved roads and is marked by some hills. The varied route of roads, paths and trails is a dream for experienced gravel bikers, excellent fitness is definitely required.

Gravel bike tour Playa de Muro – Muro – Santa Margalida – Playa de Muro

Distance: 52 km
Altitude: ~ 250 m

This gravel bike tour starts at the bike rental shop Rad-Salon BMC Pro Rent Mallorca in Playa de Muro near Alcudia. With around 250 metres of altitude, this bike tour can be described as relatively easy, so it is also suitable for gravel bike beginners. From Playa de Muro, the route leads through the Parc Natural de s’Albufera in the direction of Santa Margalida, followed by a gravel section that leads to Binifalet. From there, the route leads you to Muro, and the next few kilometres are mostly on asphalted roads before you reach the Parc Natural de s’Albufera again. Now it is only a stone’s throw back to Playa de Muro.

Gravel bike tour Alcudia – Talaia d’Alcudia – Puig del Boc – Alcudia

Distance: 18 km
Altitude: ~ 540 m

The cycle tour looks short and easy at first glance, but there are some difficulties to cope with. The first third leads along the asphalt road from Alcudia via Pas Mal to the Mirador de la Victoria. There the challenging gravel passage to the 428 metre high Talaia d’Alcudia starts. At the summit and during the ascent and descent you are surrounded by a breathtaking panorama. The route continues via the Puig del Boc, where the next descent begins. The last third of the route back to Alcudia is asphalted. You may have to carry the bike on some sections, because the trails are quite steep. This tour is not suitable for inexperienced gravelers.

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