Gravel Bike von Giant im Frühling auf Mallorca

Gravel Bike Hire Mallorca ► Best bicycles for your cycling holidays ☀️

You want to discover the gravel bike paradise Mallorca? We have the right bikes for you! Read on and rent the best gravel bike in Mallorca 👇…

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Gravel bike hire in Mallorca ► how much does it cost?

You can rent a gravel bike in Mallorca from €20 per day. As with other types of bikes, the frame material and the components determine the rental price. The bike rentals in Mallorca offer all kinds of gravel bikes in all price categories.

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Book a gravel bike in Mallorca - bike hire

10 reasons why you need to rent a gravel bike

Top 10 reasons why you need to rent a gravel bike in Mallorca 👇

  • Gravel bikes can also handle rough terrain
  • Gravel bikes are trendy – try it out!
  • A better gravel bike on Mallorca than at home
  • Discover Mallorca’s secret paths with a rental bike
  • Renting a bike is cheaper than transport & bike cases
  • Large selection of different gravel bikes
  • Training camps can be booked at spontaneously
  • Just need to bring a little luggage
  • Personal information at the bike rental
  • Test a gravel bike you always wanted to ride
Book a gravel bike in Mallorca - bike hire

Book the gravel bike of your dreams!

Is it possible to bring a gravel bike to Mallorca by plane?

Thinking about taking your gravel bike to Mallorca? Be warned, transporting your gravel bike on a plane is fraught with hassle and risk. The following worst-case scenarios can occur when transporting a bike.

  • Damage to the Gravel Bike due to transport and loading
  • Complicated journey to the airport with bulky bike case
  • Transport to the hotel on Mallorca with bulky luggage
  • High costs for transport and the bike case
  • Gravel bike must be disassembled for the flight
  • No contact person in Mallorca for technical questions
  • Loss of the bike case by the airline
  • Additional payments to the airline for excess baggage

How much is a plane ticket for a bike to Mallorca?

The cost of taking a gravel bike on a plane depends on the individual tariffs of the airlines and the length of the flight. For a flight to Mallorca, you can expect to pay between 90 and 240 euros for the outward and return transport of the bike. These prices only apply if you register your bike case early. If you register your bike case too late or at the airport, the costs for transport will increase.

In addition, if you register too late, there may be no more space on the plane and your bike case cannot be transported. Speaking of bike cases, keep in mind when planning your holiday budget that a bike case has a hefty price tag of at least 400 euros.

AirlineBicycle transport price
Lufthansa160 €
Condor100 – 240 €
Norwegian70 – 140 €
TAP Air Portugal120 €
Tuifly130 €
Iberia90 €
KLM110 €
Eurowings100 €
SWISS140 €
Air Europa150 €
Austrian Airlines140 €
Gravel bike hire in Mallorca

How do you pack a gravel bike on a plane?

Still not convinced about renting a gravel bike? Then let’s talk about how to pack a bike properly. Transport can cause considerable damage to your bike, especially during loading activities. The risks to be feared include a broken frame, bent shifters and derailleur hubs, broken derailleurs, bled or damaged disc brakes, scratches and much more.

To hopefully prevent this from happening, you must pack your gravel bike bomb-proof for transport. You are responsible for packing it yourself, as the airlines do not provide any packaging. The purchase of a good bicycle case is essential for air travel. We strongly advise against packing gravel bikes and bicycles in general in cardboard boxes, even though this option is often mentioned. As you can imagine, cardboard offers far too little protection.

Hard-shell bicycle cases are best suited for carrying bicycles on planes. But even with very robust bike cases, protection is not completely guaranteed. If the case is handled roughly or falls over, parts can bend or even break. Scratches in the bicycle frame and worse damage can also result from the gravel bike slipping in the case.

Book a gravel bike in Mallorca - bike hire

The best gravel bike tours in Mallorca

GPX Track Gravel Bike Tour Inca

Distance: 51 km
Meters of altitude: ~ 300 m

GPX Track Gravel Bike Tour Playa de Muro

Distance: 52 km
Meters of altitude: ~ 250 m

Conclusion ► That’s why you should choose a gravel bike hire!

Are you worried that your gravel bike will be damaged on the plane or that the costs for bike cases and transport will explode? We understand that, which is why we advise you to rent a bike in Mallorca. A rental bike is cheaper, offers variety and makes your travel planning easier!

Check out our premium gravel bikes, book your dream in Mallorca!

Book a gravel bike in Mallorca - bike hire

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