Gran Fondo Mallorca 312

Gran Fondo Mallorca 312 ► 7 essential tips to make the race epic 🔝

You like to learn more about the Mallorca 312 Gran Fondo? We’ll give you detailed information about the three different courses (167, 225 and 312 kilometres), and you can also download the GPX tracks of the original routes for free! Here you will find insider tips for the race and the best tricks for your race preparation. Btw, the date for Mallorca312 2023 is on the 29th of April 2023. Read on and get ready for one of the most epic road bike races 👇…

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Cycle race Mallorca 312 ► the story behind!

In 2010 it all started, in June of that year there were just 199 people on the start line in Playa de Muro. In 2019, the 10th edition of the meanwhile legendary Gran Fondo Mallorca 312 took place. In the anniversary edition 8000 cyclists from all over the world were in Playa de Muro near Alcudia to compete. Famous pro cyclists and former pro cyclists can also be found in the peloton. Miguel Induráin, Óscar Freire and Alberto Contador have already done the epic Mallorca 312 cycling marathon.

You are already excited? Come to Mallorca and train with the rental bikes of your dreams! A spontaneous training camp is easily planed if you choose one of our road bikes! Our partner Bike hire shop BMC Pro Rent Mallorca is located in Playa de Muro nearby the starting line of the road cycling race Mallorca 312. Keep in mind – the next date for the Mallorca 312 cycling marathon is 29.04.2023.

The 312 kilometre route ► 100% long distance cycling

The longest route that can be completed as part of the Mallorca 312 has 312 kilometres and 5050 metres of altitude. During the first 150 kilometres of the long-distance course you have to climb a lot. Most of the 5050 metres of altitude are waiting for you in the first half of the cycling marathon. The starting point of the bike race is at the “312 Bike House” in Playa de Muro. From there, the route leads via Pollenca up into the Serra de Tramuntana.

The Serra Tramuntana mountain range is an eldorado for those who love climbing and riding in the mountains. After 55 kilometres you will reach the Puig Major, which is the highest mountain in Mallorca with 899 metres. Via Sollér and Estellencs, the route leads to Andratx. Once you reach Andratx, you’ve covered the lion’s share of the altitude metres. The route continues via Campanet, Ariany, Artà, before returning from Can Picafort to the finish line in Playa de Muro.

There are six refreshment stations along the route to provide food and drinks for the thirsty and hungry athletes. You don’t have time for the Mallorca 312 on 29th of April? Download the following GPX file and take the challenge whenever you want!

The 225 kilometre course ► cycling marathon for tough guys

On the middle distance of the Mallorca 312 you need legs of steel, 225 kilometres peppered with 3970 metres of altitude await you. As with all three distances, the start is at Playa de Muro near Alcudia. In the beginning of the race you have to ride from Pollenca up to the Serra de Tramuntana. Via Lluc, Sollér and Esporles, the route leads to Andratx. Up to Campanet, the route is identical to the 312-kilometre course.

From Campanet, the course is different, because the loop via Ariany, Artà and Can Picafort does not have to be ridden. Until you arrive at Playa de Muro, you have four opportunities along the route to refresh yourself at a supply station.

Mallorca 312 Cycling Marathon

The routes are closed to traffic on the day of the cycle event and reserved for the strong girls and boys which are taking part in the Gran Fondo Mallorca 312. Book a rental bike, download the GPX file of the 225 kilometer course and ride the tour whenever you like!

The 167 kilometre race track ► not easy to finish 💪

167 kilometres and 2470 metres of altitude are hard to ride, especially if you are giving all you have to finish in minimum time. The start is at Playa de Muro as for all distances. The route from Pollenca to the Serra de Tramuntana is also the same, the track comes along Lluc, Sollér and Esporles.

Estellencs and Andratx are not part of the course. From Lloseta to Campanet the track is quite flat, perfect terrain to ride at full speed. On the 167-kilometre route, the cyclists pass three refreshment stops. A 167 kilometre route fits perfectly into your training plan? Download the GPX file and go for this epic cycling adventure.

Mallorca 312 combined with family holidays

You like to bring your family with you to Mallorca but not all relatives are keen on taking part in a 312-kilometre cycling marathon? No problem, Mallorca is not only a paradise for cyclists, but also a highlight for families with children. The island offers wonderful beaches, beautiful nature and numerous leisure activities for everyone.

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Mallorca 312 with family

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What are the Milestone Series?

Mallorca 312 is part of the Milestone Series, which combines some of the most spectacular one-day bike races in Europe. The Milestone Series bike races are for amateurs, but the courses demand skills and fitness like professional races.

Besides the Bike Marathon Mallorca 312 the Eifel 205 in Germany, the Båstad 198 in Sweden and soon another Gran Fondo in England are part of the Milestone Series. Are you itching to take part in a Gran Fondo? Shorten the waiting time with a road bike training camp and book a rental bike on the sunny island of Mallorca.

Time trial in Mallorca with rental bike

When is the next Mallorca 312 Gran Fondo?

The next Mallorca 312 will take place on 29th April 2023! Book a rental bike today and come to Mallorca, even if you missed the registration or couldn’t get a starting place, the routes of Mallorca 312 are awesome to ride at any time. When you ride the tracks away from the race, you also don’t have to worry about the cut off times. Come to Mallorca and discover the most beautiful cycling island!

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