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Top 8 reasons to choose cycle hire for your bike holidays

We tell you the 8 top reasons to choose cycle hire for your holidays, that you definitely don’t know yet. For cyclists, the ideal holiday will of course include a large amount of time spent out on the bike. There is nothing we want to do more than take our own bicycle abroad and ride the best cycling routes we can find. However, this is very much a case of easier said than done and in practise taking your bike abroad can be a painful experience. On the other hand, using rental bikes on your bike holiday cuts down on this hassle and still means that you will have a top-quality bike to enjoy your rides on.

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The simplicity of cycle hire

The process of hiring a bike to then ride when abroad is super simple and cuts down tonnes of pre-holiday stresses. You know, the ones where you are so preoccupied packing your bike away in a bike box that you didn’t do that all important sixth check and are now at the departures gate without your passport. The process is simple. Book the bicycle beforehand, then rock up at the cycle hire shop to collect the rental bike and before you know it, you’re out on the roads getting some quality miles in, no hassle.

No travel damages – thanks to bike hire

One of the biggest advantages of cycle hire is that you avoid the risk of those pesky damage’s bikes tend to pick up in transit. We’ve all seen the videos of airport staff mishandling luggage which then leads to horror stories of bent mechs and cracked carbon frames, but bike rental cuts out this risk. Plus, you can be safe in the knowledge that the bike you will be riding will be in tip top condition and well maintained when it comes to collection time.

Cycle hire for your bike holidays in Mallorca

Ride a better bike

An added bonus to bike rental is that you might actually end up upgrading to a better bike. Save a little on the side from airline charges and use that money to hire a lighter, quicker rental bike than the one you were going to take abroad. Especially when visiting a mountainous region, upgrading to a light and efficient carbon bike could really make your bike holiday.

Bike hire for your bike holidays in Mallorca

Convenience in the city

If you are planning a city break abroad, bicycles are far more convenient modes of transportation than cars. They allow you to truly explore the area you are staying in, take the days at your own pace and not get stuck in mile upon mile of inner-city traffic. Many European cities have fantastic road cycling infrastructure built into their transport plans and therefore are very safe to navigate even for the inexperienced cyclist. Without a car roof over your head, you can soak in all your destination has to offer.

Saving money by choosing cycle hire

Airline charges can slowly mount up when you are taking your own bike abroad. These costs can be pricey and with the risks we highlighted earlier, sometimes totally unnecessary. In many cases, bike rental is far more cost effective and may even end up being a cheaper alternative.

A wide range of rental bikes

At home you may only have a commuter style bike, a weekend whip and then perhaps a long-forgotten mountain bike that is slowly rotting away to nothing. Cycle hire gives you the opportunity to step out of your everyday cycling experiences and try something new. Perhaps you are an off roader looking to climb mythic passes or a roadie who wants to try their hand at mountain biking, bike rental stations allow you to choose from a variety of bikes and therefore a variety of experiences.

From road bikes, to mountain bikes, enduro bikes to city bikes and everything in between including e-bikes, these stations have it all. Your choice will mean that you will have the right bike for the local terrain instead having to go out in search of the cycling routes that will benefit the bike you have brought.

Exploration in nature with a rental bike

Cycle hire has significant advantages over car rental on holidays when it comes to exploring the environment around you. On a bicycle you can truly enjoy the freedom of cycling in a new area without being constricted in a car.

It is ideal for adventurers too as you can take your rental bike on other modes of public transport or just take a day out to ride to a destination. Exploring a new area by bicycle allows for a deeper connection with your surroundings and you may even stumble upon things that you would have otherwise missed stuck behind the wheel of a car.

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Bike rental for your bike holidays in Mallorca

Ride with the family

If you are travelling abroad via plane it’s frankly impossible to take a bike for every member of your family. It’s difficult enough and expensive enough to take just one let alone a whole fleet. However, with bike rental you can pre book and make sure that every member of your family is catered for. This cuts down on even more travel hassle and means that you can enjoy cycling with all the family on holiday.

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