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We are new, we are better, we are bookyabike!

The bookyabike bike rental software was developed for the rental of bikes and bike equipment. In addition, our rental software simplifies the organisation of your bookings and opens up new customers because of the direct connection to our homepage.

Besides online booking and management functions for bikes, rates and repairs, we also take care of online marketing and search engine optimisation for your rental shop page on our homepage. A wider reach for your bike rental is thus part of our service. The bookyabike rental software enables you to fundamentally simplify numerous complex processes, therefore you will save your valuable time.

Our goal is to make your work easier with our rental software, to digitalise processes and to create free space for you so that you can concentrate exclusively on bicycles and customers.

This is what you need to know about bookyabike 👇

How does the bookyabike rental software work?

Our powerful bookyabike rental software offers you comprehensive functions and facilitates the processes in your bike rental. After you have entered your rental bikes and equipment in our backend, your products are automatically displayed in our search results on The first advantage is hereby already explained, our homepage represents an additional distribution channel for your business.

To ensure that you can present your bike hire and your rental bicycles in the best light, our input mask offers numerous options for a perfect description of your products. Your bike rental shop and branches will have their own webpages, which you can design with regard to content and add pictures. Your can also describe your bikes and bike equipment

in detail and provided with images. These functions offer optimal content design options and allow you to introduce yourself to your customers.

When bookings are made with you via bookyabike, you receive a notification by e-mail and see these in the integrated calendar in the backend. The booking calendar allows you to keep an eye on all bookings, of course bookings can also be entered manually. This function is the interface between the bookings via bookyabike and the enquiries you receive via other channels (telephone, mail …). In future, our calendar can replace all your Excel lists and other notes and minimise your workload. By the way, planned repairs or otherwise blocked bikes can also be entered in the calendar.

Bike rental Software bookyabike

Which benefits does the bookyabike rental software offer?

With bookyabike, your bike rental business gets a first-class software for merchandise management and at the same time an all-round solution for the entire rental process including marketing. Our product takes into account the different needs and requirements of rental hires, no matter if you run a small bike rental or several branches, we have the right tools for you and your business.

The advantages of bookyabike for your bike rental business

  • Digital management of rental bikes and equipment
  • Online booking function
  • Secure online payment when booking on
  • Responsive web design – state of the art
  • No upfront costs & easy installation
  • Available in several branches with one account
  • Fleet management & contingent administration
  • Reduction of your workload
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Including online marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Calendar for online and manual bookings
  • Overview of repairs & maintenance tasks
  • All-inclusive solution
  • Guaranteed data protection and data security
  • Cycling blog with interesting information for customers
Bike rental Software bookyabike - all inclusive solution

Online marketing and search engine optimisation on

As professionals in the field of online marketing, we attach great importance to sophisticated SEO and the use of social media to maximise the reach of the registered bike rentals. You benefit from this know-how, because our reach is also your reach. Improved visibility on the internet leads to more customers and thus increases your conversion. Or in other words – more money in your pocket!

Responsive web design – best usability on all devices

Of course, the bookyabike homepage is technically fully up-to-date. Programmed and optimised for smartphone, desktop and tablet, the bookyabike homepage is always available to your customers. Booking a rental bike on the go with a smartphone is therefore just as possible as booking with a laptop or any other device.

bookyabike – The rental software for your rental bikes!


Bike blog for customers and cycling lovers

Our cycling blog is another centrepiece of bookyabike, we answer cyclists all questions about rental bikes, cycling holidays, bikes, cycling clothing, our core region Mallorca, bike repairs and much more. Why is this interesting for you? Our blog represents our passion for cycling and shows customers that at bookyabike they will be supported by bike professionals with expert knowledge.

Saves work, optimises processes and simplifies booking of rental bicycles

Last but not least, one of the most important benefits. Our rental software with all the listed advantages means a reduction of your workload. Complicated Excel lists, notes on repairs or maintenance, manual price calculations, expenditure and time for marketing and homepage optimisation, additional lists for inventory, booking requests by mail or phone and and and …these tasks are part of the past with bookyabike. Save valuable time with bookyabike!

Bike rental Software bookyabike

How can I register my bike hire shop with bookyabike?

Registering your bike rental shop is easy, click here, fill in the form and you’re done with the first step. Your registration gives you access to our maintenance and management software, which is the core of our product.

We will be notified of your registration immediately, as soon as we have seen this message we will contact you personally to activate your account so that you have access to the software and the backend.

In the last step, you have to enter your rental bikes, bike equipment and price lists. Thanks to our sophisticated input mask, you can describe your products in detail, add images and select the appropriate rental price for different seasons and time periods.

You only have to create your price lists once, you can then assign them to the bikes with one click. You can create different rates for different seasons, these will be automatically displayed in your system and on our homepage based on the date. This fully automates the price calculation and ensures a smooth booking process. In addition, you can easily set price scales for rental periods of different lengths.

What does it cost to register my bike rental with bookyabike?

The registration of your bike rental with bookyabike is free of charge, you can use the software and thus the digital maintenance of your rental bikes with us in the backend for free. In addition, you receive free advice and support when registering your rental bikes and equipment.

These services are available to you free of charge and are part of the bookyabike success concept. Only in case of a successful booking we charge 15% commission of the total booking amount.

Bike rental Software bookyabike

Conclusion ► That’s why you should register your rental bikes with us!

bookyabike enables you to promote your bike rental even better, to simplify booking processes and to easily handle stock levels and booking requests. Thanks to the connection to our homepage, you receive an additional distribution channel that reliably provides you with booking enquiries.

Do you have any questions about bookyabike? Send us an e-mail and we will contact you personally!

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Bike rental Software bookyabike