Bike Hotels and Fincas in Mallorca

Bike hotels in Mallorca ► Best hotels in 2022 🔥

Bike hotels are booming in Mallorca, which is no wonder, the sunny island is the most popular cycling destination. This blog article will help you find out if a bike hotel suits you or if another type of accommodation is more your thing. Of course, we also introduce you to some nice bike hotels in Mallorca to make your holiday planning 2022 easier. Read on and get to know what the hotels in Mallorca have to offer for cyclists 💪!

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Finca in Mallorca or do you prefer a bike hotel?

Why you should choose a bike hotel!

Road cyclists have special expectations when it comes to the perfect hotel. Not only we, but also our bikes should be safely accommodated. A lockable bicycle storage as well as bike tools and the possibility to clean bikes are important to us. In Majorca, they have understood this, which is why bike hotels offer these and many other services.

By the way, many bike rental companies deliver rental bikes directly to your hotel and pick it up again 💪. Do you have any questions? We are here for you, just send us an email 📧!

Benefits from cycling hotels

  • Secured and monitored bicycle storage
  • Bikes may be taken to the hotel room
  • Bicycle pumps, repair kit and multitools for hire
  • Bike repair shops in the hotel
  • Guided bike tours starting at the hotel
  • Meals tailored to the needs of athletes
  • Freely available snacks for cycling tours
  • Hotel guests with the same interest

What does Mallorca have to offer for cyclists?

Mallorca’s tourism professionals are well aware of the island’s reputation as a cycling paradise, this is why cyclists are warmly welcomed anywhere. The roads in Mallorca are as perfect as the service in hotels, bars and restaurants. Wonderful mountain roads with great views in the Serra de Tramuntana and low-traffic roads in the flat center of the island are awaiting you.

What’s more, Mallorca scores points even before you arrive, because nowhere else you can find as many first-class bike hire shops. Therefore we recommend that you leave your own road bike at home and book a rental bike with us.

That’s why Mallorca is the best island for road cyclists

  • Short journey & cheap flights
  • Numerous first-class rental stations with nice bikes
  • Perfect infrastructure for cyclists
  • Bike hotels in all categories
  • Cycling events and races for professionals and amateurs
  • Many like-minded cyclists
  • Long cycling season with reliable weather conditions
  • Varied bike tours for every fitness level
  • Gorgeous cafés and nice spanish food
  • Lots of activities to do on rest days
Cap de Formentor - Bike tours and road bike hotels in Mallorca

What type of cycling tourist are you?

Do you prefer luxurious cycling holidays in a hotel, a cosy stay in a finca or bikepacking with a rental bike? Mallorca offers a wide range of opportunities for any kind of bike lover.

Individual holiday or package tour?

Package holidays with an all-inclusive deal or booking flights, accommodation and all additional services separately? This is a matter of taste – don’t you think so? Even if the adventure character is more in the focus on an individual holiday, we usually opt for a package deal when planning a training camp.

The reason for our decision is simple: Cycling holiday or training camp means to us that we spend most of our time on the bike. After long rides we simply want to end the day in a pleasant hotel with good food. Special requirements that we would take into account on an individual adventure trip do not apply to us on a road bike training camp. We book the hotel and flight together, when it comes to the bikes we have high expectations, this is why we rent the road bikes from trustworthy rental stations.

Road biking in Mallorca - bike hotel

Hotel, finca or cottage?

Fincas and Mallorca simply belong together, so it’s no wonder that a finca comes to one’s mind when thinking about holidays in Mallorca. There are a few things to consider when thinking about renting a finca. Usually, holiday homes can only be rented in their entirety, which means that your training group should have a certain number of participants.

The travel to the finca and the supplies must be organised by yourself, which means that a rental car is required. For a larger group, it makes sense to organise the way to and from the airport with a shuttle service. In addition to fuel costs and expenses for food, you also have to think about a higher time investment.

A rental bike saves you time and effort!

Book ya Bike & enjoy majorca

If you prefer to come to a set buffet and don’t want to worry about room service, you’re better off in a cycling hotel than in a self-catering finca. However, if you are coming to Mallorca with a larger group of friends, like cooking and don’t mind the extra effort, we recommend a holiday in a finca. Privacy and individuality are the main benefits of a cottage.

Finca in Mallorca with pool

The best bike hotels on Mallorca 💫

The best bike hotels in Mallorca offer cyclists optimal conditions for a successful cycling training camp. Hotels with 3 to 5 stars can be found in the sports hotel segment, so there is the right accommodation for every requirement.

Those who want to spend their cycling holiday with the whole family have a slightly smaller choice, as some bike hotels are only intended for adult guests. As cyclists are among the most popular guests on Mallorca, you will also be warmly welcome in hotels that are not listed as designated cycling hotels.

The bottom line ► Cycling holiday & bike hotels 2022 in Mallorca

In Mallorca, you do everything right when you pick a bike hotel. Depending on your individual taste, you can choose between different categories and equipment variants. The cheapest option is to book flight, hotel and shuttle service from one hand.

When it comes to bicycles, the most practical decision is to opt for a rental bike – the benefit is that your road bike stays safely at home. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy a first-class rental bike. Of course, you can hire the best bikes from us 🤩!

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