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ALL NEW 🥳 ► Top Cycling Trends 2022

The cycling hype is as strong as the last years, and bicycles will also continue to be in trend in 2022. So which exciting new products and surprises can we expect? We have taken a close look at the top trends of 2022 and summarised all the important information for your cycling year. Read on and don’t miss a single trend!

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Bike holidays Mallorca - Cap de Formentor - Trends 2022

Cycling holidays and training camps in Mallorca

The old-fashioned touch that cycling holidays and cycling trips had has is definitely a thing of the past. Going on bike holiday is modern and therefore one of the cycling trends of 2022. The hotels in well-known cycling destinations such as Mallorca have adapted to the wishes of cyclists. Even when it comes to rental bikes you no longer have to make any compromises, in Mallorca you can rent all kinds of bikes from a beginner’s rental bike to a professional road bike.

Bike rentals in Mallorca

Check out the best bike hires in Mallorca.

  • Bike rental in Palma – Rad-Salon BMC PRO Rent Mallorca Aparthotel Fontanellas
  • Cycle Hire in Can Pastilla – Rad-Salon BMC PRO Rent Mallorca Hotel Sunprime Waterfront
  • Road bike hire in Alcudia – Rad-Salon BMC PRO Rent Mallorca Hotel Sunwing
  • Cycle hire in Playa de Muro – Rad-Salon BMC Pro Rent Mallorca
  • Bike hire Tramuntana Tours – Sóller
  • Rental station Tramuntana Tours – Port de Sóller
  • Bike rental Rad International – Hotel Bahia del Sol in Santa Ponsa
  • Rad International bike hire in Peguera
  • Cycle hire in Cala Millor – Central Rental Bikes Mallorca
  • Rental station in Llucmajor – Thomas Völker La Bici
  • Mountain bike hire in Cala Millor – CAMI Bike – Roxybike’s Bike Station
  • Bike hire in Cala Millor – Bikepoint Mallorca
  • Nano Bicycles bike hire in Palma de Mallorca
  • Cycle hire in Palmanova – Speed Bike – Mallorca
  • Road bike rental in Cala Major – VIP Cycling
  • Bicycle hire in Cala d’Or – Danilo Hondo ePoint
  • Bike rental in Palma – Mallorca Cycling Station
  • Bicycle rental in Colonia de Sant Jordi – Ciclos Mora
  • Bike hire in Can Pastilla – Mallorca Cycling Center
  • E-Bike rental Playa de Palma – Berganti Bikes
  • Cycle rental in Palma – Just Rent a Bike
  • Rental shop in S’Arenal – Hürzeler
  • Road bike shop in Pollenca – Bike Experience
  • Bike hire in Alcudia – Philipps Bike Team

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Bike packing and gravel bikes ► The off-road hype stays

Not up for riding on asphalt? You’re not alone, gravel bikes are no longer a fringe phenomenon. The gravel bike models of 2022 beat everything that has come before. The top models are equipped with the best components and no longer have to hide behind road bikes in terms of quality.

Bike packing fans have found perfect partners in gravel bikes. Heavy trekking bikes were yesterday. Anyone who goes on a bike trip today in style takes the gravel bike. Unlike cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes offer numerous mounting options for bags and equipment. Gravel bikes are also more comfortable than cyclocross bikes, which is very important on long distance rides.

Gravel biking in Mallorca - Cycling Trend 2022

Personalised equipment is a trend in all cycling disciplines. The most popular customised items are cycling glasses, shoes, bike frames, rims, jerseys, handlebar straps and helmets. On social media you can find numerous artists who offer their skills and turn your ordinary bike stuff into real masterpieces. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can opt for painted bike glasses or a custom designed bike frame. Individual style shows that you are passionate cyclist 🔥.

Customised bike Equipment Trend 2022

Innovations and new trends also affect the bicycle market. More and more bicycle types are getting equipped with e-motors and the motors themselves are also getting updated continuously. Not only e-bikes are getting better and more modern every year. Progress does not stop with racing bikes and mountain bikes either. New types of components and lighter materials lead to higher prices. In addition, the shortage on the market continues to drive up prices, so anyone who wants to buy a bike has to spend quite a bit and may have to wait a long time for delivery.

Our tip ► Rental bikes are always available and besides, you can test the latest models before you buy a bike. So what about a training camp in Mallorca? Book a rental bike and come to the sunny island, because this is also one of the cycling trends in 2022 😉!

Cycling Trends High Tech Bikes 2022

E-bikes have gained considerable popularity in the last years, which can be clearly seen in the sales statistics. As people look to riding as a means of transport as well as for enjoyment and fitness, e-bikes are the perfect addition to the household. But that’s not all, this original use has extended to all cycling disciplines. In the past few years, we have already seen that manufacturers are equipping more and more models and bicycle types with e-motors in addition to the classic e-bikes.

In 2022, e-road bikes, e-mountain bikes, e-gravel bikes and numerous other special forms of e-bikes will be the trend. For many, these bikes open up new opportunities – conquering mountains, mastering long distances or simply keeping up with the faster ones in the group. This cycling trend will definitely change 2022 for many cyclists.

E-Bike Trend 2022

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