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11 cycling tours in Mallorca you really need to know!

Looking for the best cycling tours in Mallorca? This is the right article for you! We have selected 11 of the most beautiful bike tours on Mallorca for you. You can expect tour descriptions, free GPX files and worth knowing information about cafes along the routes.

The tours are for road cyclists, but some can also be done with e-bike, mountain bike, gravel bike or trekking bike. Find out which tours around Alcudia, Palma, Soller or Port de Pollenca are waiting for you and how to get to the legendary places Cap de Formentor, Sa Calobra or Puig Major.

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Cycling tours in Mallorca

Cycling tours nearby Palma de Mallorca

Bike tour Palma de Mallorca & Puig Major + GPX track

Distance: 138 km
Altitude: ~ 2.000 m

This road bike tour requires a good physical condition, already when you leave Palma, the road climbs slightly. After arriving in Alaro, after about 30 kilometres, the first climb leads up to Orient. The Orient valley needs to be crossed in a south-westerly direction. The 550-metre-high Coll d’Honor is the highlight of this route section. After about 60 kilometres, you reach the town of Soller in the heart of the Serra Tramuntana via Bunyola and the Coll de Soller.

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This is where Mallorca’s longest climb to the Puig Major begins, the road winds its way up the mountain via Fornalutx and the Monnaber tunnel to the azure blue reservoir. The next climb takes you to the Coll de sa Batalla. When you reach the next crossroads at Lluc, we recommend a coffee stop at the restaurant there. The way back begins with the descent to Caimari and continues via Inca and Binissalem before arriving in Palma de Mallorca.

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Cycling tours Serra de Tramuntana - Bike hire Palma de Mallorca

Short but mountainous bike tour nearby Palma

Distance: 47 km
Altitude: ~ 750 m

A short but mountainous bike tour with around 750 metres of altitude, this tour can also be done wonderfully with an e-bike or e-road bike. The first climb up to the 389-metre-high Coll des Vent begins right after 2 kilometres, the ride to the top of the pass offers a great view. The following descent takes you to Calvia, from there the bike tour continues to Es Capdella, before the next climb to Galilea begins. The Café Sa Plaça De Galilea is a hot tip for a break, it offers delicious tapas on a beautiful terrace. Afterwards, you can tackle the last descent towards Puigpunyent before you ride on to Palma de Mallorca.

Cycling tours nearby Soller in Mallorca

Cycling tour around Soller, Puig Major & Orient Valley

Distance: 90 km
Altitude: ~ 1.800 m

This bike tour starts with a highlight, the longest climb in Mallorca up to Puig Major. The road leads via Fornalutx and the Monnaber tunnel up the mountain to the highest point at the reservoir. After the following descent, the short climb to the Coll de sa Batalla begins. At the crossroads near Lluc, the descent to Caimari begins. From Caimari, the cycling route takes you via Selva and Lloseta up to the Orient Valley. At kilometre 65, you reach the village of Orient, where you can fortify yourself in the Orient Restaurant for the ascent to Coll d’Honor. The subsequent descent leads to Bunyola, where the Coll de Soller awaits with an altitude difference of around 300 metres. Once you have left the mountain behind you, Soller is in front of you after the descent.

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Cycling tours Mallorca Port de Soller - Bike Hire in Soller

Road bike tour from Soller via Puig Major to Sa Calobra

Distance: 74 km
Altitude: ~ 1.900 m

This road bike tour offers no flat sections, either it goes up or down. Mountain-loving cyclists will love this tour. The first mountain to climb is the Puig Major, after about 15 kilometres and 800 metres of altitude you reach the top of the pass. After a short descent, there is a 100-metre climb to the Coll dels Reis, before you descend about 700 metres to sea level to Sa Calobra. On the beach, the cafés and bars offer you delicious sweets and a magnificent view onto the sea.

After the coffee stop, the way home begins with the climb back to Coll dels Reis, the 270-degree “tie knot bend” is probably the most distinctive spot of the route. Up to the turnoff to Fornalutx, the return route is the same as the approach. At the crossroads, the route takes you away from the known route. In Port de Soller, just 2 kilometers before you reach your starting point, we recommend a small stop to treat yourself to something tasty. What could be better than ending a beautiful bike tour in Mallorca with a cool drink at the seaside?

Cycling tours nearby Alcudia in Mallorca

Bike tour from Alcudia to Cap Formentor via Port de Pollenca

Distance: 70 km
Altitude: ~ 800 m

Cap de Formentor is the most northern point of Mallorca and a highlight for cyclists. The characteristic lighthouse at Cap de Formentor is the goal of this bike tour. From Playa de Muro nearby Alcudia to Cap Formentor it is about 35 kilometres. At kilometre 16, the climb to Coll de la Creueta begins at 200 metres above sea level. A 3.5-kilometre descent follows before the road rises again up to 220 metres above sea level. From this point the lighthouse at Cap de Formentor is only 3 kilometres away. Once there, you can get some refreshment in the Far Formentor cafeteria. The way back follows the same route as the way to Cap de Formentor.

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Bike tours Alcudia - Cap Formentor - bike hire Alcudia cycling Mallorca

Road bike tour Alcudia – Sa Calobra – Playa de Muro

Distance: 113 km
Altitude: ~ 1.900 m

The famous highlight of this road bike tour is the so-called “tie knot bend” on the way to Sa Calobra. But the route offers much more! The approach to the Serra de Tramuntana leads via Sa Pobla and Campanet, after about 30 kilometres the 8-kilometre climb to the Coll de sa Batalla begins. Once there, there is a restaurant that is popular among cyclists. At the Coll de sa Batalla, you have to take the turnoff to the left towards Sa Calobra. 13 kilometres of short uphill and downhill sections await you before you reach the 10-kilometre descent to Sa Calobra.

Sa Calobra is situated at sea level, in the Bar Playa La Calobra you can enjoy your “Cafe con leche” with a beautiful seaside view. The way back begins, of course, with the climb back up to the Coll de sa Batalla near Lluc. Via the Coll de Femenia and Pollenca, you will reach the starting point at Playa de Muro nearby Alcudia after around 113 kilometres.

Bike tours nearby Pollenca

Road bike tour from Pollenca to Puig Major

Distance: 118 km
Altitude: ~ 2.200 m

The route is characterised by stunning climbs in the Serra de Tramuntana. After about 7 kilometres, the climb up the Tramuntana Mountains begins. After another 7 kilometres you reach the Coll de Femenia at 515 metres above sea level. At the Coll de sa Batalla, you have to take the turnoff to Puig Major. You will have completed the climb to Mallorca’s highest mountain at kilometre 37.

The following 14-kilometre descent brings you to the town of Soller. With rested legs from the descent, you can now tackle the next climb “Coll de Soller“. The Coll de Soller is winding and offers a magnificent view, especially in the upper third. After the descent, you will reach the village of Bunyola, where you can refresh yourself at the local café in the church square before heading up the Coll d’Honor to Orient. The Orient Valley is one of the most famous spots for cyclists on Mallorca, you will cross the valley in a south-easterly direction. At kilometre 90 you reach Alaro, the remaining 30 kilometres lead you via Biniamar, Selva and Campanet back to Pollenca.

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Cycling tour Pollenca - Puig Major - bike rental Port de Pollenca

Road bike tour Pollenca & Serra de Tramuntana

Distance: 146 km
Altitude: ~ 2.100 m

A wonderful road bike tour for experienced and well-trained cyclists. The highlights of the tour are the Coll de Femenia, the climb to the Puig Major and the Coll d’en Claret near Esporles at kilometre 75. In Esporles you should definitely make a stop at the Cafè Passeig, the coffee and the sandwiches (Llonguets) are delicious. The second half of the cycling tour runs inland along the Serra de Tramuntana. The way back to Pollenca leads you along the towns of Alaro, Biniamar, Selva and Campanet.

Cycling tours nearby Cala d’Or in Mallorca

GPX Track Mallorca’s backcountry

Distance: 111 km
Altitude: ~ 1.000 m

The bike tour starts in the famous holiday location Cala d’Or on the east coast of Mallorca. The first 26 kilometres run parallel to the coastline and bring you to the town of Portocristo. There our route turns off to the northwest. We pass the village of Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, where the road climbs slightly. At kilometre 47, you reach the highest point of the cycle tour at 243 metres above sea level. After that, the road descends towards the town of Arta. Just before Arta, you have to make a sharp left turn and take the MA-12 road. The next 26 kilometres of the track are winding through the Mallorcan countryside and bring you to the town of Petra. After another 20 kilometres, you will reach Felanitx at kilometre 97, from where it is another 15 kilometres to the starting point in Cala d’Or.

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Bike tour Cala d'Or - rental bikes Mallorca

Cycling tours nearby Cala Millor in Mallorca

Cycling tour for beginners in Cala Millor Mallorca

Distance: 44 km
Altitude: ~ 400 m

This bike tour is just right for beginners and also doable for e-bikes, trekking bikes and all other bike types. Around 400 metres of altitude difference have to be ridden on this tour, which are evenly spread over the entire route, so you don’t have to worry about a long climb. Experienced as well as trained cyclists can ride the tour in a relaxed manner on a rest day. The highest point of the route is at a low altitude of around 230 metres above sea level, so the route is also easily rideable in winter. The most famous towns on the route are Son Servera, Arta and Sant Llorenc des Cardassar.

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Bike hire Cala Millor - cycling tour Mallorca

Cycling tour nearby Campanet

Flat cycling tour through Mallorca’s back country

Distance: 82 km
Altitude: ~ 400 m

A rather flat bike tour that can also be ridden very well in winter or with e-bikes, mountain bikes and trekking bikes. From Campanet, the route heads southeast to Búger and on to Llubi. The next town is Sineu, which has one of the two velodromes on Mallorca. Sineu is also the perfect spot for a coffee stop. The next village you will pass is Petra before you will change direction to the west. Via Sant Joan and Pina, the route heads north to Inca and back to Campanet.

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