Bike holidays in Mallorca

5 secrets about bike holidays in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most popular cycling destinations in the world. So you would think that every metre of the island has already been explored. However, although Mallorca has been used as a base for many amateur and professional riders alike, it still holds plenty of secrets.

With copious amounts of sun, quality roads and extraordinary sights, there is plenty to love about Mallorca and the Balearic islands. This packs in a lot of quality bike riding experiences in a relatively small amount of space. It isn’t all about the famous names of the Tramuntana range like Puig Major and Sa Calobra though, there is a lot more under the surface.

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Gravel bike holidays in Mallorca

We tend to talk about cycling in Mallorca through road cycling tinted lenses. Perhaps the island’s best-kept secret is that you don’t need to be a roadie to enjoy cycling here. The Toros de Gravel sportive has shone a light on these hidden off-road trails that are ideal for gravel bikes. Mallorca’s gravel cycling routes are a mix of farm tracks, singletrack and sleepy connecting tarmac lanes.

Gravel cycling is a perfect way to explore the island away from the popular roads. The pick of the bunch is a 75km route from Sineu up into the mountains where the terrain gets progressively rougher throughout the ride. A smoother ride is starting in the Parque Natural d’Albufera and touring the Mallorcan agricultural lanes. Café du Cycliste have a fantastic collection of Mallorca gravel rides.

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Road bike holidays in Mallorca

Bike, wine and holiday region

It isn’t just the mountainous north where you find great bike riding in Mallorca. Travel a little inland and you come across a more remote quarter of the island. This is known as the Orient valley and it is authentic Mallorca at its very best. At the heart of the region are the picturesque winemaking villages of Binissalem and Santa María.

As well as the local tipple there is fantastic valley riding to be done here. Various routes start in Binissalem and take you around the stunning local villages as well as the hamlets of Selva and Moscari in the foothills of the mountains. Away from the hustle and bustle of the coast, a day in Mallorca’s wine region is a must.

A day in Mallorca’s wine region is a must!

Café Plumo – bike hire and coffee house

Café Plumo is a new exciting bike hire centre and coffee house located in Plaça Quadrado, Palma. The bustling streets of Mallorca’s capital are a fantastic place to explore anyway but you must make sure to factor in some time to visit the café when you are next on the island. It is very much the place to be if you are a cyclist in Palma. Plumo is a coffee house, bike rental and workshop which makes it the ideal spot to start or finish a long day’s ride in the mountains.

The windows are adorned by the road bikes of professional cyclists and teams and you can even hire them for a day’s ride. So, if you feel like you have the climbing legs of Alejandro Valverde you can prove it by riding atop his 2008 Spanish champion liveried Tour de France bike. He did win the opening stage that year so you will have to go a long way to match that.

As well as the bikes, the café is next level. This is thanks to the locally roasted coffee and pastries from Thomas’ Bakeshop across the harbour. Check out their YouTube channel to see some of the bikes they have in the shop including 2008 Tour de France champion Carlo Sastre’s Cervelo Soloist.

Treading the boards during your bike holidays

Another one of Mallorca’s hidden secrets like its gravel roads is the fact that there are two velodromes on the island. If you can remember the 2007 UCI Track Cycling World Championships you will be well acquainted with the Palma Arena but there is also an outdoor velodrome in Sineau which is slap bang in the middle of Mallorca.

You will have to jump through some hoops to fly around the Palma Arena but Sineau is the complete opposite. Perhaps a good activity for a rest day, the outdoor velodrome is on the outskirts of the sleepy town and most cyclists have reported that you can just rock up and cycle round without anyone really caring. Never change, Mallorca.

The Sobremunt – toughest climb in Mallorca

The famously named climbs are what we travel to Mallorca to ride but if you have done them to death there are still many hidden ones to find. That includes the devilishly steep climb up to Urzbanització Es Verger. Named the Sobremunt, the peak is 23 kilometres north west of the centre of Palma and is a beautiful climb characterised by tight hairpin bends, rough surfaces and a dense tree-lined road. The excruciating effort is well worth it though as the views from the top have to be seen to be believed. Arguably Mallorca’s toughest test, every self-respecting cycle tourist needs to take on the Sobremunt. You might need Sastre’s bike for this one.

Well, we guess the cats out of the bag now. Next time you’re in Mallorca make it a bike holiday to remember and try all of these places and disciplines on the island. The beauty of the jewel of the Balearic Islands is that there are endless opportunities for adventure. Whether that be on gravel, dirt, board or tarmac, there’s always a place to call ‘My Mallorca’.